Covid – 19 measures and protocol

We take the wellbeing of all our participants very seriously, in light of which we follow industry best practice for the events. Please take a read through the information  to see how we manage Covid- 19, regulation changes and how it effects the event. This way, you know the risks before you enter : –

  • Social distancing guidelines as laid out by the City JOC
  • All events are batched, this is nothing new to us. Our batches have always been less than 100 and spread out
  • Sanitization stations at all relevant points at the race, common touch points and ablutions
All event safety is guided by the steady hand of Event Compliance Solutions. The Jump City series has always been a batched event, this is nothing new to us as we have always had to spread athletes out, please read through our Covid – 19 scenario planning below : –

If the worst happens, then why do we take the approach of postponing the event rather than just cancelling it?

Our policy is similar to that of many in the hospitality industry, airlines, hotels, etc… Except in this instance, from the day the event launches it operates as unique business and finances from entries go straight back into the mechanics of the event. The closer we get to the event, the more is invested into it, within 14 days of the event, the event is mostly paid for. This is to the likes of venues, promoters, suppliers and much more.

It is in the best interest of keeping the event afloat and continuing to provide the service we have for 10 years that we choose to postpone an event rather than cancel one. 

Covid-19 was something none of us could ever plan for, we are all aware the risks associated with entering. We are aware of the risks of launching an event, postponing an event is a very expensive exercise and the only way to make sure you are still offered a service / product for your entry fee. 


We thank you for your understanding of this.