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Date : Saturday 15 October 2022

Entry Fee : R320 pp individual (limited entries)

Team Entry : R295 pp in a team of 4 (limited entries)

Distance : 5,5km

Challenges : 24 Challenges (click here to see more)

Start : Gold Reef City Time Square

Finish : Gold Reef City Time Square

Number collection : Gold Reef City entrance


Batches : Batches leave every 10 minutes from 18:3


Number Collection : Gold Reef City

Medals : Medals to all finishers

Timing : Live electronic timing

Batching : Batched event from 17:40

Bag drop : Secure bag drop available @ R20 pp

Secure parking : Gold Reef City

Swimming : You will get wet, but you will not be swimming

Event safety : Brought to you by Event Compliance


Batches : Batches leave every 10 minutes from 18:30


Over R15 000 in prizes up for grabs

Series medals – complete the medal by completing the series

Series event : – 

Jump City Gold Reef + Stadium Dash Ellis Park

Jump City Gold Reef City 15 October 2022

Stadium Dash – Coming March 2022

Categories : Individual | Corporate Team | Schools Team

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JOBURGS favourite night race is back

We are back and it's time to glow hard Joburg, this years leg of the Jump City Challenge is fully themed in neon.

Let's light up Gold Reef City Theme Park, let's light up the mines and let's live our best lives.

The event will take place on the 15th of October at Gold Reef City Theme Park at night, the perfect time to shine. The new route will be 5,5km and feature 26 challenges along the way. These challenges are built by BattleRush (the team that brought you Spartan Challenge).

an event like no other

Starting and finishing inside Gold Reef City Theme Park, the challenge will now cover 5,5km of action packed racing. The route has been updated to challenge and reward you with bucket loads of fun. Over and above the neon glow theme of the event, this race will be changing the way we have competed in Jozi.

Runners will head through the inner workings of Gold Reef City Theme Park, in, over and around the rides in a theme park completely dedicated to you having the best adventure.

It's been 3 years since we last took to the iconic ground, you can bet we will make sure it is an experience to be remembered.

the essential details

Head lights : This is a night time event and headlights do go a long way in helping you find your way along the course. The course is well marked with reflective signs, but we have to compete with other city signage on route. We highly recommend the use of a headlamp.

About the route : The course changes every year to accommodate urban development and new exciting features. This years course meanders along a 5,5km route in and Gold Reef City Theme Park. The route is only as challenging as you make it by pushing yourself.

Route features : The route features 24 challenges along a 5,5km course. There are no rides on the course as the park is closed just for the event. This means we get to take you anywhere and do pretty much anything once we get there. Your feet will get wet, you will be running through a museum and you will need to pay close attention to the markers. The highest climb is 10m up a rope on a cliff, it is safe. The toughest challenge on route are the inclined monkey bars.

Early bird entries : The 1st 200 registrants will be able to choose their merchandise, these consist of branded trucker caps - OR - branded event t shirts. These will be available for collection after your run. They are finishers shirts, so you must earn it by competing. Once the early birds are all claimed, entrants will be able to purchase t - shirts or trucker caps when entering until the 13th of September 2022.


This is not new, but it is the 1st time that we will be awarding as many categories. Here are the race categories : -

- Individual @ R320
- Corporate team of 4 or 2 @ R12oo or R620
- School team of 4 or 2 @ R12oo or R620
- Team of 4 or 2 @ R12oo or R620
- Gym team of 4 or 2 @ R12oo or R620

There is over R15 000 in prize money to be claimed across the series. To win, entrants will need to compete in both events in the series. The Jump City Gold Reef City in October and the Ellis Park Stadium Dash in March 2023. Entrants will receive their position based on a series standing.

* Teams must be the same and so must the individuals to qualify

* School teams need to be 12 years and older to compete in the event.

* The top 3 results from the team will count and teams will be timed on a combined result of their finishers.


Race medals are 2 part, You will need to compete in both events in the series to complete your medal.

some of the challenges on route...


The challenges are built for all levels of fitness and this is often what trips up the Elites, because our challenges are unconventional. Here are just a few of them : –

The Abyss

A 20m long section of the course that is darker than night. Yup, it sounds easy because you have a headlamp or you are just going to follow the person in front of you. Here is where the catch comes in, the abyss is filled with lasers and smoke machines. This renders the headlamp ineffective. 

The “Miners Revenge”

Remember the log ride? We send you down into a dark old mine, a section of route that is normally for rides only. What is real and what is not real once you are inside will cause a little havoc. Maybe don’t run alone…

The “Rat Race”

There are 2 entrances and only one exit in this GIANT life size fence maze. Don’t ever follow the person in front of you and don’t trust the light.

“Rivers Rage”

A 400m long section through the dried out raging rapids, followed by a daunting 10m rope climb up a cliff out of the rapids.

“The Grind”

Pull it together, you are just about at 4km on route by then. It is a real forearm workout as you roll up a rope on a pole with a sled and weights attached to it.

Car pull

It is as simple as it sounds, pull a car, but here is the catch. You cannot move your feet, this takes arms, legs and back. It’s a little easier for the teams. Oh yes, did we mention that the car is 2,4 tons?


These are just some of the awesome challenges on the 5,5km route which will feature no less than 24 challenges.


some of the awesome features on the GOLD REEF CITY ROUTE



It is very highly recommended, preferably something that is waterproof and hardy and can light up around 100 lumens or more. 

Our signs are all reflective, so a headlamp will make them easier to see.

We recommend a minimum age of 12 and that any minors are accompanied by an adult.

The routes are between 5km and 6km long. The distances are manageable for minors, but the challenges are not always.

You do not have to be the fittest or the fastest, you just need to have a keen sense of adventure. 

If you can manage a 5km - 8km run, you should not have a problem. 

It is kind of why you signed up right? To challenge yourself? 

We are not slave drivers and we are not going to enforce that you complete every challenge, but at least give it a try.

If for any reason beyond our control the event is forced to cancel due to severe weather conditions, pandemic, act of God or insurrection or fires that puts athletes safety at risk, the athletes will not have any claim against the organisers or any of their sponsors of whatsoever nature in these circumstances. Jump City Challenge reserves the right to change the route for inter alia, safety and security reasons without notice. If the Jump City Challenge is cancelled in total as a last resort due to events beyond our control (force majeure) – relating to, inter alia, political turmoil, natural disasters, strikes, protest action or any other major disturbance beyond our control, athletes will have no claim whatsoever including but not limited to a refund against the organisers or any of their sponsors. This will include entry fees and or flights and other expenses. We will do everything in our power to reroute and to run the event in a safe and secure manner should any event of force majeure arise.

I have to pull out for some reason. What is the refund policy? 

Please see our refund tiers and periods below : -

  • Outside of 45 days from the event. 50% refund
  • 45 - 21 days from the event. 25% refund
  • Within 21 days of the event. No refund

You can however sell your entry to somebody wishing to substitute in. You will need to follow our online substitution process. 

No, you do not. There is no swimming at the Gold Reef City event. Your feet will get wet though. 

We can do online substitutions up until 4 days before the event. To substitute, please follow the online process as we do not handle substitutions manually.

*Please note that we do not substitute within 4 days of the event for safety and legal reasons. All runners who enter with us are protected and indemnified.

All our batches are limited, due to this we cannot allow for any batch changes. 

We design the challenges so that everybody can complete them. 

The event is actually an adventure course, the challenges we put in are not always conventional OCR challenges. 

The internet is not always our friend and we do not have control over where our emails go in your inbox. 

Please check your spam, the mails are most likely there. If this is the case, remember to unflag the emails as not being spam.

Teams must consist of 4 athletes when entering. If you wish to run as a group of any other number, simply enter an individual batch for you and your crew. 

Timing of the team is based on the collective time of the top 3 runners across the line.

If the event is listed as a series, then this means that results from the entire series will count. ie. 2 events. 

If you choose to do just one event, your results will only count for that event. You will not qualify for prizes.

Series prizes are awarded at the end of the series.

That is a negative, we do not go into the ocean. It's a bit of a distance from the ocean.


Race info will be made available in the month of the event.