Date : Friday 03 December 2021

Entry Fee : R285 pp individual

Team Entry : R260 pp in a team of 4 (SOLD OUT)

Distance : 6,5km

Challenges : 22 Challenges (click here to see more)

Start : uShaka Marine World

Finish : uShaka Marine World

Number collection : uShaka reception from  17:30

Batches : Batches leave every 10 minutes from 18:30


Number Collection : uShaka Marine World

Medals : Medals to all finishers

Timing : Live electronic timing

Batching : Batched event from 18:25

Bag drop : Secure bag drop available @ R20 pp

Secure parking : uShaka Parkade A

Swimming : You will get wet, but you don’t have to swim

Lifeguarding : Brought to you by NSRI

Batches : Batches leave every 10 minutes from 18:30

COVID – 19

Covid – 19 Scenario planning

Covid – 19 event compliant

Safety and compliance by Event Compliance Solutions

Spectator friendly under current levels

Masks to be worn at all times when not racing

No mask no race

Social distancing best practice

Start / Finish and registration are spread out across uShaka

Please help sports events stay open and play by the rules

durbans favourite night race is back

7km of slides, rides and non stop adventure is coming your way...
Durban's most loved night race is back on Friday the 3rd of December 2021 for a fully loaded action packed race. The fully loaded edition has been carefully crafted by our brains trust to operate as Covid 19 compliant and still provide you with all the thrills, spills and adventure that you have come to love over the last 8 years.

an event like no other

Starting and finishing at uShaka Marine World, the challenge will now cover 7km of action packed racing. The route has been updated to challenge and reward you with bucket loads of fun.

Runners can expect to take to the "hell on the harbour" 1st, this is a 1 mile beach course before going straight into the depths of uShaka. Here, you will run through the Seaworld Aquarium before taking your 1st splash of the day. The route will then leave uShaka and take you out towards Point Development for a little PT and we will be trying our best to get you lost in our giant maze. It won't be long before we have you venturing back into uShaka for the last 1,8km of slides and rides that are all designed to thrill you just before the finish.

the essential details

Head lights : This is a night time event and headlights do go a long way in helping you find your way along the course. The course is well marked with reflective signs, but we have to compete with other city signage on route. We highly recommend the use of a headlamp.

About the route : The course changes every year to accommodate urban development and new exciting features. This years course meanders along a 7km route in and around uShaka Marine World. The route is only as challenging as you make it by pushing yourself.

Route features : Get ready to get wet and wild with us, the course takes you through heart of uShaka Marine World, the aquarium and Wet & Wild. The race features 5 of the main slides of Wet & Wild. Life guards are provided by the fantastic team at NSRI

Early bird entries : The 1st 200 registrants will each receive a free t shirt with their entry, this along with a pack from JointEze and CrampEze. Check out the t - shirts below. Once the early birds are all claimed, entrants will be able to purchase t - shirts until the 14th of October with their entry for R120.

NB : These are mens (white) and ladies (grey) cut athletic fit t shirts.

Entry protection

Your entry is secure! If the event is cancelled due to Covid-19, you will be able to redeem the refund on your entry, please note that should we be forced into this position, we will 1st postpone the event rather than cancel it and then defer the entry to the next event.

some of the challenges on route...

some of the awesome features on the ushaka route


The Covid-19 regulation

Please take note, that we do not take Covid-19 lightly. The pandemic has had the events industry on it’s knees for 21 months, we will take all necessary precautions.

Covid-19 measures:-

Government has under level one of Covid-19 protocol allowed for events of 2000 max. To adhere to these rulings we will be doing the following for the uShaka leg of the Jump City Challenge:-

– Start batches will be made smaller.

– Face masks will need to be worn when not racing. 

– Water point procedure will be updated, you will be informed of this at the start and at the waterpoint.


By adhering to these measures, we know that you will be safer than flying in a plane or taking a taxi. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support during these times. 

We look forward to seeing you at the event.


Woah, hang on a second. Before you drop us a mail, please check if your question cannot be answered right away from the FAQ below:-


Do I need an headlamp?

It is most certainly advised due to uneven terrain.



Must I wear my facemask when I run?

No, you are not required to wear a facemask while in the race. We advise you have a buff with you, this way the moment you finish you can simply pull the buff up and use it as a facemask. Remember, you will be getting wet during the race, a buff is more than likely the best option.



Is the event safe to take part in?

Yes, we are adhering to all safety measures in the public best interest and in keeping events operational.


 How old must I be?

Recommended 13+



How many challenges will there be?

This route will have between 20 and 24 challenges.



My ex-girlfriend is in my batch, please can I swap?

Time to rekindle an old flame, we cannot swap your batch once you are entered.


How hard is the race? I mean I can run 5km no problem, but will I manage this?

As with anything the race effort is directly proportionate to how hard you push yourself. We are not out there to hurt you or exhaust you, we just want you to have a good time.



When do substitutions close?

We can facilitate substitutions until Thursday the 25th of November, after that we unfortunately cannot make a substitution. The entry cannot be carried over as it is catered for on the day. Why do we do this? In race week, we need to spend as much time as we can focusing on all the event operations, your timing and catering is accounted for before the race.



What if myself or a team mate gets Covid and cannot take part?

Unfortunately no insurer is covering this circumstance. The risk management falls on the athlete in the lead up to the race and no refund on withdrawals will be provided. 


What is meant by refund entry protection?

It is that simple, should the event be cancelled due to Covid-19. Then we will pay the value of your entry back to you. Please take note though, that if forced into a position where we have to cancel, we will actually postpone the entry and automatically defer your entries to the next event. This way your entry will still be valid. The decision to postpone will be at the sole discretion of the organizing party. Please refer to the terms below should you require more information. Read through our Covid – 19 scenario planning, click here.



Terms and conditions

For a full detailed view of all terms and conditions, please click here.




Let’s do this thing!

Lace up those shoes, get your dress up on and live your best life this Friday. We cannot wait to see you, but before we do, please take a moment to read through the race information below. If you are the principal registrant, ie. the person who did the registration, please be sure to forward this email to your crew.

1. Viewing your registration
2. Number & T-Shirt Collection
3. Start times and batches
4. Substitutions
5. What to wear and bag drop
6. Where to park
7. Covid – 19 measures
8. Race photos
9. Route & obstacles
10. Route directions & signage
11. Finishers medals
12. Team timing
13. Slides rides and swimming

1. Viewing your registration
If you want to view yours and your teams registration, simply click on the button on the website saying “View my registration”. Substitutions have closed, but more on that later.

2. Number & T-Shirt collection
Number collection will happen next to the uShaka Marine World reception. That is closest to parkade A and next to the sharks jaw. It is spread out very far from the start at the Wahooz to better spread all athletes out. We give you tags and wrist bands only there, this is to move things along quickly.

If you ordered a t shirt you will be able to collect it after your race from the collection point next to the bag drop and number collection. We have done this to move number collection long faster. How will you know if you ordered a t shirt in case you forgot? The wrist band we give you on the night will say so, it has your size on it too. There are a very limited amount of t-shirts for sale too, these are available for R150 cash on the night.

Please do not print anything, save the trees as we have all your details already. Spectators are welcome to join, but none are permitted into uShaka Marine World.
Yes, you can collect a friends number for them
No, you do not need to print your proof of registration
You will not be permitted into the start batch without a wrist band
Arrive 45 minutes prior to your start. Please, stick to this to avoid bottle necks at registration. Ie. If you are going off at 7, only collect your number at 18:15
Registration opens from 17:30
3. Start times and batches
You can view your start batch through the registration link. Simply put the primary registrants details in to see the details. Please note, we cannot change this and we can no longer facilitate substitutions. You have to run with the batch you have entered into. The course is designed to take a certain amount of traffic, any changes to the batches can severely affect the flow on route and cause bottle necking. You are checked into every batch by officials. If we find you swapping batches, your number will be removed and you will be barred from the race.

The start / finish of the race will be at the Wahooz.

4. Substitutions
Substitutions have closed for the event. All data is now being prepped with timing to receive you on Friday, we unfortunately cannot change it as you have agreed to our terms when registering. This is for your safety.
Why can somebody not run under your name? When you register for the race, you fall into our race liability and we can take care of you if medical assistance is needed. If you run under alias, by law no assistance can be provided. It is not a risk we and our partners are willing to take.

5. What to wear, bag drop
You will be getting wet, please do not wear any electronic devices (barring a headlamp, most are splash proof these days). No inner ear music devices will be permitted.
Wear something you are comfortable crawling and climbing in. We do have a secure bag drop available for you at R20 per bag.
We do strongly advise that you wear headlamps as it is dark out there and all our signage is reflective. We have literally stood right next to athletes asking where to go when the sign is right next them. Remember that we have to compete with all venue signage, road signage and other. Headlamps go a very long way in helping you
Bring something warm and dry for after the run, you can always leave it at the bag drop
6. Where to park
Parkade A at uShaka Marine World, it is a secure guarded parking.

7. Covid 19 measures
Masks, masks, masks!
We cannot stress how lucky we are to operate this event, the entire event industry was shut down for 20 months and we are now under a microscope. Please, we are begging you for your support on this one. Here are a few key measures we are not shifting on : –
You will not be served at number collection if you do not have a mask
You are in a public space, standard rules apply
You can take off the mask when you enter the batch, that is the only place
We will stop everything until everyone around plays by these rules, spectators included
Every marshal will have sanitizer with them if you want
There will be santizer at at the water stations, number collection and bag drops
Standard covid screening will apply
Do not hover at water points, take your cup and move away from the table, do not put it back on the table
8. Race photos
This year all proceeds from race images are going towards NSRI. You will be able to buy your race images for R38 on a link we send you. Please support NSRI and purchase your pic if you like it, R38 is not a big amount. We always have athletes emailing us within half a day of the race wanting to see images, being a night race it takes a little longer to edit. Please allow the photographers up to 10 working days to edit the images. We will email all runners the moment the pics are available. Featured images will be posted with partner branding on facebook.

9. Route and Obstacles
This route will be the most exhilarating of all the uShaka events to date, we have new challenges and more slides than ever before. You will be briefed on everything else in your start pen. There are however going to be 3 changes to challenges that we were not comfortable with given the times, the foam pit and tunnels have been pulled as a precautionary measure around Covid-19.

The action on route will really pick up from about half way once we know the batch is well spread out. For your reference on route, that will be around the water point at Durban Brewing Company. If you are looking for the win, save yourself until then.

What if you cannot get through a challenge?
1st of all, every critical obstacle has a marshal stationed at. Critical obstacles also come with forfeits if you cannot do them. Very often the forfeit is tougher than the obstacle itself. Please consider other athletes, if you cannot finish a challenge on the 1st attempt kindly step back for others to use it. The very nature of obstacle racing carries with it certain risks. Use the obstacles in the correct manner and you will be fine.

10. Water point
There is a Crampeze Water Point on route. If you decide to stop, please pick up a cup and walk away. DO NOT PLACE YOUR CUP BACK ON THE TABLE AND DO NOT HOVER OVER THE WATER POINT. We have bottled water for you at the finish line.

11. Route directions and signage
The route is marked with over 130 signs on it. They are white boards with red arrows, they reflect when a light hits them. That is why we strongly advise the use of a headlamp. Each arrow will point towards where the next is, if you follow this concept you will not get lost. Do not run in the road, stick to the pavement at all times and only cross where there is an official crossing. Do not play follow the leader, the leader could miss a sign and take you off route. Never cross the danger tape, it is there as a barrier not the finish line (seriously, this happens at every single race).

12. Finishers medals
These medals are a very different to what we have done in the past. They are significantly bigger and very very pretty, you even voted for them. They will be put over your neck at the finish line. Every finisher will receive a medal. We have decided to steer away from prize money for the uShaka events, these are fun events. Prize money will however be offered at the Stadium Dash events.

13. Team timing
Our team timing is a little different this year, teams consist of 4 members. The 3 best out of 4 of those members times will count, we combine that and the best combined time wins. This means it is best not to get separated on route. In case you forgot, your wrist band will also have your team status on it.

14. Slides rides and swimming
NSRI have your back, rest assured good people. The amazing crew at NSRI will be at every point involving water.

Best of luck with the run, it is going to be a blast.

See you Friday.