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7 km




fri. 19th nov.


ltd. entries

covid - 19


durbans favourite night race is back

5km of slides, rides and non stop adventure is coming your way...
Durban's most loved night race is back on Friday the 4th of December 2020 for what we are calling the Lite edition. The lite edition has been carefully crafted by our brains trust to operate as Covid 19 compliant and still provide you with all the thrills, spills and adventure that you have come to love over the last 7 years.

an event like no other

Starting and finishing at uShaka Marine World, the challenge will now cover 5km of action packed racing. The route has been updated to challenge and reward you with bucket loads of fun.

Runners can expect to take to the "hell on the harbour" 1st, this is a 1 mile beach course before going straight into the depths of uShaka. Here, you will run through the Seaworld Aquarium before taking your 1st splash of the day. The route will then leave uShaka and take you out towards Point Development for a little PT and we will be trying our best to get you lost in our giant maze. It won't be long before we have you venturing back into uShaka for the last 1,8km of slides and rides that are all designed to thrill you just before the finish.

Entries do include entry protection for the 4th of December, please read on for more info.

the essential details

Date : Friday 4 December 2020
Entry Fee : R210 pp (was R295 a lighter fee for a lite event)
Start : uShaka Marine World
Finish : uShaka Marine World
Time : 1st batch at 18:00 with 8 minute gaps
Registration : uShaka Marine World main entrance at Parkade A
Parking : Secure parking at Parkade A
Bag drop : Secure bag drop will be provided for at R20 a bag
Timed event
Medals to all finishers

Note: We will be separating the Start / Finish and registration area to comply with Covid - 19 safety measures.

Entry protection

Your entry is secure! If the event is cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, you will be able to redeem the refund on your entry or defer the entry to the next event. This is the 1st time we have been able to offer this feature, as when Covid-19 first hit us nobody was prepared.

Team entries
In line with Covid - 19 safety measures, we have done away with the team category for now. You can still enter and run as a group, please be sure to enter into the same batch when entering.

Batch space is limited, no transfers will be permitted once batches are full.

some of the action on route...

some of the awesome features on the ushaka route


The Covid-19 regulation

Please take note, that we do not take Covid-19 lightly. The pandemic shut down the entire events industry for 8 months, in the interest of yours safety and keepings events going, we will take all necessary precautions.

Covid-19 measures:-

Government has under level one of Covid-19 protocol allowed for events of 500 max. To adhere to these rulings we will be doing the following for the uShaka leg of the Jump City Challenge:-

– Registration, Start and Finish will all be at different locations around uShaka. You will be sent these locations in 3 days prior to the event.

– Start batches will be made smaller.

– Face masks will need to be worn when not racing. 


– We have to cut back on all obstacles that make use of common touch points, all slides, rides and usual fun stuff will all still be included.

– There will be no prize giving after the event.

– Water point procedure will be updated, you will be informed of this at the start and at the waterpoint.


By adhering to these measures, we know that you will be safer than flying in a plane or taking a taxi. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support during these times. 

We look forward to seeing you at the event.


Woah, hang on a second. Before you drop us a mail, please check if your question cannot be answered right away from the FAQ below:-

What if I had an entry to the last uShaka event that never took part?

No problem, this is a optional deferral of your May entry. Should you opt in for this event, the entry is free and you will also be provided with a 20% discount off the next event. Should you choose not to take part in this event, your entry will defer to the May event.


Do I need an headlamp?

It is most certainly advised due to uneven terrain.


Must I wear my facemask when I run?

No, you are not required to wear a facemask while in the race. We advise you have a buff with you, this way the moment you finish you can simply pull the buff up and use it as a facemask. Remember, you will be getting wet during the race, a buff is more than likely the best option.


Is the event safe to take part in?

Yes, we are adhering to all safety measures in the public best interest and in keeping events operational.


How old must I be?

Recommended 13+


When you say lite, how many obstacles will there be?

The obstacle plan is being dialed back dramatically to not include any common touch points, ie. ropes, poles, bags… Including all the slides and lazy river, there will be around 11 challenges on route.


My ex-girlfriend is in my batch, please can I swap?

Time to rekindle an old flame, we cannot swap your batch once you are entered.




Nearly nine months later and it is finally race week. We cannot wait to see you this Friday night, please take a moment to read through this email to familiarize yourself with the process for Friday night. We know it’s long, but please read it.

*If you registered for a friend, family member or team mate using your email address, kindly forward this email onto them.

1. Welcome back

It has been nearly 9 months since we were originally going to host the uShaka leg of the Jump City Challenge and we would like to thank you for the ongoing support through this strange time. To host this event under Covid-19 protocol meant that we would have to change many elements of this race for yours and other athletes safety, hence the lite edition was created. In short that means we cut the route to 5,5km and had to reduce the challenges with common touch points. This in no way effected the most loved sections of uShaka and all the exciting elements within there, in fact, we actually added more. We have outlined the specific changes in the following points. 

2. Safety

Your safety is our priority. We have waited 9 months to put on an event and we are not going to compromise your safety or the future of events by taking unnecessary risks. In light of this, batches are smaller, the start / finish and number collection are all well distributed across uShaka. By taking part in this event, you agree that you have not knowingly come into contact with any Covid-19 positive individuals and you are not displaying any of the known symptoms. You will be screened before entering into the batch, should your temperature reflect higher than 37.4, your participation will be reviewed by the Safety Officer on duty. Anybody considered to be risking the safety of others will not be permitted to race and subsequently asked to leave the event. 

– The use of face masks is mandatory when you are not racing (all the way into the start pen). We suggest the use of a buff as you can race with one and just pull it back up when your race is completed.
Water point safety, there is a water point on route and we will be using Covd-19 best practice. To avoid all risk we advise skipping the water point. 
No spectators. Please understand, we do not make the rules but we need to stick to them to operate. 
– No prize giving. This means when you are done, you need to move away from the venue and not linger.
No substitutions. Your details have been submitted to our compliance officer and we cannot change them.

All the above rules are provided to us by safety management and our compliance officer. We realize it is not how we normally operate, but it is the time we are living in and we thank you in advance for your understanding, it is strange for us too. This too shall pass. 

3. Number collection

Number collection will open at 17:00 at uShaka down near the big screen, you cannot miss it. You will not need to print anything, just arrive ready for adventure. We suggest you park at Parkade A. The start is around the corner leading down to Moyo Pier and the finish is out near the Wahooz. The entire venue is split up to spread the field out. Please only head to number collection 45 minutes prior to your start, then head to the start pen around 5 minutes ahead of your start time which will be displayed on your wrist band. This will be a very different race village to what we ordinarily have.

4. Bag drop 

There is a secure key / bag drop available near the big screen at uShaka, this will be available for R20 per bag. 

5. Results

Provisional results will be posted within 12 hours of the event to the event website and the winners contacted within the following week. 

6. On route

The entire route is well marked out with red arrows on white boards. We do have to compete with every other piece of signage within the venue and the city, so you will notice that we put the signs directly in your path and always pointing to where the next sign is, they are reflective, so a headlamp does help. If you have to cross the danger tape, you will be off route, so please never cross the tape. 

WARNING: We have one challenge on route that makes use of flashing lights, should you be prone to fits or reactions to strobes, kindly skip the challenge. 

NSRI: Our good friends from Station 5 NSRI will be in full support within uShaka Wet and Wild, you do not have to be able to swim. Please remember to thank them for coming out and supporting you. 

7. For Brendan

We run this event in loving memory of a fellow event team member, friend and brother recently lost to us. He was the first man onto the course, the last man off and the reason you do so many stairs at the Stadium Dash events. 

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and for your understanding around the changes, we look forward to seeing you on Friday. Keep an eye out on social media regarding a very exciting announcement and addition to the event. 

See you out there. 

The Jump City Challenge TeamRES