Race day information – what you need to know about race day.

Right, let’s get you ready for race day. Before you head out there, please take a good read through the information below. Everything you need to know can be found here in the information below, we have 2 very serious rules here at the Stadium Dash 1. Have fun, we are serious about fun and adventure that is exactly what this event is built for. 2. Follow the signs, seriously though our signage competes with every other sign board in the urban environments. We are not hiding them from you, so just understand that each one leads to the next. 

Now that you know the 2 major rules, lets look at what else you need to know : –

Where to park

We have secure undercover parking for you at Emirates Airline Park. This is just off S Park Lane, if you proceed past the main entrance to Ellis Park, turn left into S Park lane and head down the road with the Stadium on your left, you will see the guards providing access for parking. Please park in there. When you park, please do not walk out the same entrance that you drove in, please follow the instruction from the guards towards the pool. 

Start / Finish of the event

The event will be hosted at Ellis Park Swimming pool, this provides ample seating for spectators and athletes during the morning. Please enter through the swimming pool main entrance. 

Number collection

Number collection will take place at Ellis Park swimming pool, this is assigned by surname. This will open at 06:15. The batch you chose will be allocated to you. Please note that we cannot do batch changes after 16:00 on Thursday 10 March.


Substitutions close on the 10th of March 2022 at 16:00. We cannot complete a sub after that. To substitute, please have the person stepping in fill out the entry process and close the page at checkout. Then drop us an email from the person consenting the substitution, please include the name of the person taking your place. 


Spectators are more than welcome to the venue, but unfortunately no spectators can go on route.

Route markings

The route is well marked with white boards and red arrows, each arrow will lead to the next. We also have blue and white danger tape preventing you from going off course. Please, never cross the bunting. You will then be off route.

Bag drop

There is a secure bag and key drop for you at the venue. This service carries with it a R20 cash fee. You can leave your equipment there and collect it using your wrist band number when you return. 

At the venue

Ellis Park Swimming pool is about to undergo a massive overhaul. This will be the last time you see it like this, for those who have competed there it may ring in a little nostalgia. At the venue on the day, we will have refreshments, coffee and light food options available for you to enjoy. There are ample ablution facilities. 

We do have to thank City of Joburg in a big way, the swimming pool has been closed for 2 years. They have cleaned it and brought it back to life just for this event. It takes around 2 months to clear one of the pools. 


Results will be posted live on the day of the event through the event website. They remain provisional for the 1st 48 hours.

Race images

We do have photographers on route. They will be snapping pics that take around 3 days to edit. 

Prize giving

This will happen when 60% of the field has completed the race, we cannot give an estimate of when that would be at this point.

What if it rains?

It could rain, it could even snow but we will go ahead. Spectators will remain warm and dry but athletes will be getting wet anyway. Just enjoy living your best life. 

Challenges on route 

We have 24 challenges on route, well 24 built challenges. We do not count the stairs the spirals, the tunnels and all that jazz as challenges. The policy is that the Elite batch must complete all challenges, the elites are guided out by a lead bike who helps by supervising. As for everybody else, common, seriously, you are out there just give them your best shot. We are not going to penalize you for not finishing a challenge, we rely on your honesty. Yes, you can help others. But no kicking, biting, scratching or spitting at people trying to overtake you, deal? Good. Remember that we are out there for a good time, not a long time and this race is more about the adventure than anything else, so have fun and don’t be that super serious human. Our challenges our built for all levels of athletes and they will only be as hard as you decide to push yourself. Well mostly, some of them are just hard, good luck!

Please note, all batches have been moved back by 20 minutes to allow for a safety inspection. ie. if you were in batch 07:00, you will now start at 07:20. All members in your groups will also be moved. Apologies for the inconvenience.